Vital Favorites and Referrals

1) Josh Provonchee is a wonderful old friend of mine. He perfected my sad website. Josh loves creating sites for local businesses. He is very insightful and easy to work with. He has created the business employpdx. It is an interesting site helping employers and employees link up. It’s a fabulous and quickly growing business. I am really impressed by him and his skills. I can highly recommend him.

2)Liliana Barzola-Read is my teacher, friend, colleague and mentor. She has offered me so much inspiration and support since 2001 when Lotus Latern Healing Arts was in its early years. She is a mover and a shaker offering readings, classes, workshops and downloads promoting her intuitive work. She also has 3 contractors through her business (me being one of them).

3) My delightful and talented friend Anya Spence is as sweet as all of her pastries. She is the pastry chef behind misszumstein. Anya and I go way back. She was one of my first baking instructors in 1996. She puts so much heart into her creations. She has a new bakery in NE Portland, sells throughout the city and does catered events, including wedding cakes.

4) My colleague and friend Dr. Kristina Olson-Kyper is a very skilled naturopath. She specializes in women’s health so she is my best go to girl and gyn exam referral. Her info can be at She takes insurance also which is great.

5) Jessica Dolan is a fabulous woman in Pennsylvania who created the company roomtobreathe. This awesome site is all about decluttering the home and how this can open health and peace in the body and mind.

6) Chayo Wilson is a truly inspired potter and Reiki master. She also does intuitive readings. This woman is all heart.

7) Dr Amy Nelson with Riding With Amy is a naturopath in Los Angeles. She is so interesting because she can incorporate her beautiful and powerfully healing horses into her therapies. She does primary care as well and a significant amount of energy medicine and intuitive work. If your in L.A., I highly recommend getting a treatment.

8) Paisley Meekin is the hard body behind honestpersonaltrainerportland. What a fabulous and inspiring woman who loves her job! Warning though, she WILL make you do lounges ;)

9) Ryan Gray Boutte is my wonderful friend, neighbor and crazy talented carpenter. He also makes these awesome, one of a kind specialty guitars.