Blue Fire Agate Earrings
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Blue Fire Agate Earrings


Product Description

Blue Agate- “The healing flame”. Great for detox. This is a blue stone, the color of the 5th chakra. Therefore, it is important for communication.

Onyx- Spiritual enlightenment and transformation. Heals old emotional wounds through wisdom and understanding from life’s challenges. Helps change negative habits, imparting confidence and ease in surroundings.

Garnet- 1st chakra work so it’s a very grounding stone. The 1st also deals with basic animal needs like home, shelter, food, sex, water, and for humans, money. Wards off accidents, eliminate anger against the self. Opens the heart to accept oneself. Attracts love and soulmates.

Turquoise- For the throat and heart chakras. So for communication and healing. Stone of gods and goddess. Unites the energy of earth and sky. Prosperity and success. Dispels negativity. Good for protection.




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