Intuitive Health Meditation/Clearing

Intuitive Health – A Guided Meditation and Clearing

with Dr. Candida Schwartz

 A meditative clearing connecting your mental, physical and spiritual health with your intuition! A powerful opportunity to reconnect with yourself, set intentions, let go and manifest!


Location- 34 Main Street

Vinalhaven, Maine

New Moon- September 7th

Full Moon- September 24th

Time- 11:45 a.m.- 12:45 p.m. for each

Price- $30/workshop

Please note! A minimum of 5 attendees must RSVP for the workshops to take place.

Also note! I will also be offering Naturopathic care and Craniosacral treatments house calls on the island the days of the workshop.

Please register by calling Dr. Candida #503-502-5738 or emailing her at For more info, check out her website